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An international web radio, where you can always find the right channel to tune into your emotions. In-depth programs, ranging from the purity of dance music to the rhythm of the 1980s, through listening to art and culture. 3 publishers and 4 radio channels: CLASSIC (for live broadcasts of our programs), DANCE (dedicated to music to be danced entirely), VINTAGE (for nostalgic music lovers of yesterday) and ARTESHOW (where you can satisfy your musical and cultural tastes) . A new way to listen to the radio that will allow you to always carry with you the rhythm of your success: living your passion has never been so simple. Whether you are in Europe or outside the Eurozone, RVM will always be there, ready to be heard and to pace your daily life. This and much more is RadioVideoMusic, the web radio that you can listen to on the website or on the app for iOS and Android.

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20/03/2020 a las 13:15hs

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